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V-Mech Engineering Ltd.

V-Mech are the suppliers of all the vibration test systems you need for your company's testing needs. Vibration test systems provide manufacturers of automobiles, aerospace and military electronics, as well as test houses, providing products for accurate, efficient, and reliable vibration testing.

V-Mech Engineering is an independent service organisation specialising in maintenance and repair of:
  • Electomagnectic Vibration Systems
  • Hydraulic Slip Tables
  • AVCO shock machines
  • Most makes of vibration systems
V-Mech have a customer base which includes major clients such as:

V-Mech have also been appointed as the sole UK service agent for TIRA Vibration Test Systems.


V-Mech have a large stock of spare parts for Derriton shakers and amplifiers. Their coil winding facility can manufacture the full range of AC armature coils and DC field coils. V-Mech can also re-bond armatures saving the AC coil, repair broken armatures and have several spare armatures in stock.

Vibration Controllers

V-Mech can supply a range of control systems from several manufactures based on customer requirements. Vibration controllers that V-Mech supply are leading vibration test into the new era of USB 2.0 connectivity. Combining convenience, performance, flexibility and safety, these vibration controllers have 24-bit precision with wide control dynamic range, fast loop times, and the full range of vibration control applications.

Shock Machines

Shock & Vibration testing can be used to determined product failure before they reach the market. Shock & Vibration testing is an essential part of product performances. Vibration and shock testing may be used to assess products and packaging for their predicted environments. Shock & Vibration testing may also be used to assess products & packaging for design purposes and to determined influences of packaging techniques.

V-Mech are sales and service agents for the range of Avex Benchmark (AVCO) shock machines and accessories. Shock machine test systems are used in design and destructive testing of components, hybrids,circuits and complete assemblies. Benchmark electronics inc designs and builds three models of shock machines:

  • Keypad entry of test parameters
  • Shock testing from 3G to 30,000 G
  • Shock durations from 0.012 ms to 100ms
  • Accurate and repeatable test results
  • 3 inputs to choose from ( half sine, sawtooth & square wave)
  • Waveforms comply with
    • MIL-STD-810
    • MIL-STD-202
    • MIL-STD-750
    • MIL-STD-883
  • Test specimen weight up to 450kg


Accelerometers are inertial transducers that can sense mechanical motion and convert it into an electrical quantity that may be conveniently measured or recorded.

V-Mech are also the UK agents for MMF accelerators and associated equipment. MMF are manufacturers of high quality low cost accelerometers and associated equipment.


V-Mech's on site service engineers have been servicing shaker systems since 1986. There workshops engineer deals with in-house repairs and makes AC and DC coils for Derritron Shaker Systems. V-Mech maintenance contracts are excellent value and can save you thousands of pound in repair costs. A typical contract would cover your shaker system for routine maintenance repairs and spare parts for a single payment.



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