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In order to keep plant and equipment operating cost effectively, and to avoid unnecessary downtime, the services of a reliable maintenance company to support today's more complex environmental control and test systems are of paramount importance. At ETS we are dedicated to providing the highest level of plant care.


Technology has raced ahead and consequently service engineers now require an in-depth knowledge and a greater range of skills than ever before in order to competently service and maintain today's sophisticated systems. Attention to training endorses our commitment to service, with our engineers receiving regular external training on new equipment. Support from in-house personnel with expertise in electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, together with technical assistance from our calibration department, ensures that our engineers have the ability to provide a professional maintenance and breakdown service for all types of plant and environmental test equipment.

ETS provide a national service and maintenance package for the simplest chamber to the most complex climatic test facility, with contracts tailored to suit the exact requirements of the customer. This can be offered on either a periodic or residential basis. All site visits are documented in maintenance and service reports, with work schedules detailing plant conditions and performances, enabling histories to be correlated and future budgets established.

We aim to provide the very best level of service with a guaranteed 24-hour response.

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