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Home / Feature of the Month: October 2017

ACS solution in compliance with EU Regulation on Ecological Refrigerant Gas

In 2014 the European Union approved an important regulation, affecting all of the environmental simulation sector, to clamp down the rising trend of global warming. In 2017 we entered that period, according to EU regulation 517/2014, in which European Union requires to comply with the program of decreasing F Gas emissions (fluorinated greenhouse gases).

EU Regulation Plan

The F-Gases, which begins to be used in HVAC&R machines following the CFC gas disposal, are today accused as some of the biggest contributors of greenhouse effect increase. After technical evaluations the European Union agreed to decrease F-Gas GWP and established a plan forecasting a reduction scheme with allowed emission limits per year (2015-2030).

The Target: to decrease by 79% F-Gas emissions by 2030
(compared to 2009-2012 emissions)

What is the GWP?

GWP is the acronym that stands for "Global Warming Potential". It is the potential, of a refrigerant gas, to increase the Global Warming compared with the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. Each refrigerant gas has its own global warming potential.

EU Regulation 517/2014

The Regulation 517/2014, introduces GWP emissions limit that, starting from 2020, MUST NOT be exceeded. The regulation does not affect refrigerant systems below -50°C, so R23 can still be used.

The refrigerant gases chosen by ACS will allow customers to run safely the desired test according to EU Regulation GWP emissions' limit and without the obligation of test chambers adjustments.

What is going to change after 2020?

In the following chart you will find the Regulation date and related obligation:

    FROM 2020 FROM 2030
Existing test chambers EU Regulation 1. Refrigerant gas charge with GWP>40.000 CO2 equivalent (R404A >10 Kg) has 2 solutions for maintenance:
  • to use refrigerant gas with GWP < 2500
  • to use recycled or reclaimed refrigerant gas
2. Refrigerant gas charge with GWP<40.000 CO2 equivalent (R404A<10Kg) can go on as usual, using R404A (fresh)
Refrigeration system must change their refrigerant gas with ecological refrigerant gas
ACS Solution 1. Two solutions:
  • R452A/R449A
  • R404A recycled/reclaimed
2. R404A (fresh)/R404A recycled
New test chambers EU Regulation Refrigerant Gas GWP < 2500
ACS Solution R452A, R449A

The regulation distinguishes between existing chambers and new chambers.

Existing Chambers: all test chambers purchased before 1st Jan 2020 will have to abide EU regulation for maintenance activities:

  1. In case of refrigerant gas charge > 40.000 CO2 equivalent, chambers will be serviced with a refrigerant gas wit GWP < 2.500 CO2 equivalent
  2. In case of refrigerant gas charge < 40.000 CO2 equivalent, chambers can be serviced with a refrigerant gas wit GWP > 2.500 CO2 equivalent

New chambers: all test chambers purchased after 1st Jan 2020 will have a refrigerant gas in line with EU Regulation limits.

The OPTION Ecological refrigerant gas is already available in ACS climatic and thermostatic test chambers

Type of Chamber ACCESSORY
Compact T&HR test chambers Ecological refrigerant gas charge for high stage with GWP < 2500
(EU Regulation 517/2014) for DY and DM models.
Discovery My T&HR test chambers

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