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Home / Feature of the Month: October 2016

Thermal transmittance test chambers

  • Thermal Transmittance test chambers for Construction Industry components
  • 3 chambers to test the thermal behavior of solar active buildings

The aim of this specific project is the design and implementation of a test facility for façade elements ranging from walls, roofs, windows and doors to sunscreens for the investigation of their thermal behavior both in winter and summer case under stationary and dynamic conditions.

In particular the test facility will be able to evaluate the overall thermal behavior of solar active building elements, i.e. façade elements with integrated modules for the production of electric power or heat based on solar technologies, under close-to-reality conditions e.g.:

  • How does the integrated solar thermal collector alter the temperature profile and energy flow in the wall?
  • Does the further insulation enhance the efficiency of the collector?
  • And conversely: How must the wall element be composed in order to maximize the overall energy balance if PV-modules are integrated, which typically work better at low temperatures?

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