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Home / Feature of the Month: January 2016

Hire Chambers from ETS

Why hire?

  • Flexible hire periods
  • Solve all your short term equipment needs
  • No capital outlay
  • Does not tie up capital in a depreciating asset
  • Fully tax deductible payments
  • Competitive rental rates
  • Hire for the period you actually require the chamber for
  • Rent with an option to buy
  • No service or maintenance costs
  • Ability to change facility to suit on-going requirements
  • Keeps you in control (no obsolete or redundant equipment)
  • Expert technical support
  • Highest quality

Our list of hire chambers is updated weekly for availability. A brief description for each hire chamber can be found on its dedicated page.


How soon can a hire chamber be delivered?
As soon as you contact us we will supply you with a quotation for hire then if the hire chamber is available it can be delivered within 2 to 3 days from receipt of purchase order.

How long do I have to hire the chamber for?
Our initial hire period is four weeks, but after that the same chamber can be hired on a weekly basis.

Is there a limit to how long I keep the chamber?
No, you can keep the chamber for any length of time as long as we have an official purchase order to cover the hire period.

Is the chamber calibrated?
All our chambers are calibrated before they leave our premises, a calibration certificate can be provided if necessary.

Can I buy the hire chamber if I decide too?
We normally like to keep our hire chambers, but sometimes we are prepared to sell them, if a new chamber is to be purchased a discount on the hire chamber is normally given.

Who is responsible for the service and maintenance of the hire chamber?
ETS are responsible for the service and maintenance of the hire chamber unless the chamber is taken outside the UK, then additional charges may occur.

What happens if the chamber breaks down before our test is finished?
If the chamber is out of operation for more than three working days we will either replace the chamber or extend the hire period for the time the chamber is out of operation.

After the initial four week period, if I need another chamber for a different test do I have to hire for four weeks again?

I have chosen a chamber that meets my test requirements but it will not fit in my building.
We can do the tests that you require at our premises.

10% discount throughout Jan/Feb if you quote MONTHLY01

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