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ATT at Productronica in Munich

11 August 2013

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend Productronica exhibition from 12 to 15 November 2013 to illustrate its broad range of test solutions in the field of environmental test chambers (ACS, TIRA Uws) and vibration systems (TIRA).

Booth no: A2.544

Our chambers are equipped with the teleassistance system MyAngel24™: the chambers stay connected to the remote server 24 hours a day monitoring running conditions and any anomalies, in order to guarantee faster and more efficient service and maintenance activities. They are accessible whenever and wherever you are, from any device with an internet connection and a simple web browser.

ACS Exhibit in Stuttgart

4 - 6 June 2013

Angelantoni Test Technologies will attend Stuttgard exhibition from 4 to 6 June to illustrate its broad range of test solutions for a great variety of automotive applications, thanks to three leading test technology brands: ACS for environmental test chambers, TIRA for vibration systems and BIA for test benches and crash test sytems.


4 April 2013

In ACS chambers for HALT & HASS tests specimens are subjected to high levels of environmental step-stress (Vibration, Temperature and Humidity).

HALT tests allow finding out design weaknesses, criticalities during prototyping and pre-production phases, process weaknesses during its earlier life (when to fix them results easier and cheaper), confirmation of the product reliability before its mass-production stage, verification of margins compared to the starting baseline.

HASS tests allow finding out process (manufacturing, installation) weaknesses, latent defects, margins, and infant mortality.

In summary through HALT and HASS tests it is possible to improve Time- to-Market, to reduce engineering costs and to increase the reliability of the product.

ACS in Sweden

12 January 2013

ACS is launching in Sweden its brand new remote assistance system, exhibiting at Elektronik 2013 (22-23/01/13) a Discovery340 climatic chamber equipped with MyAngel24™.

Annual ISO Audit

1 January 2013

On the 20th December ETS had our annual external audit for ISO 9001:2008.

Following this inspection by the external auditors we retained our ISO accreditation. This has been made possible by the hard work of the Quality Manager, Sharon Leake, and the Quality auditor, Sharon Wijesuriya and overseen by Manager Director, Trevor Leake.

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