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Cleanroom Environmentals Matter !!

26 Nov 2007

Cleanroom Environmentals Matter !!
Monday 10th December 2007 at the

This half day meeting of the Contamination Control Group of The Society follows up on previous seminars by our engineers at the NEC and ImechE on the topical subject of environmental management. The timing provides our members with the opportunity to discuss some vital cost saving techniques whilst enjoying an excellent pre Christmas lunch with colleagues at the Novotel Hotel.

The management of Environmental issues in cleanrooms has a serious impact on process and room design and operational cost. The seminar examines the balance between cost and the environment whilst considering the risk on non compliance with legislation.

Target audience
Managers, engineers and technicians involved in the design or operation of cleanrooms, hospital suites or pharmaceutical processes.

IFor more information please contact the SEE secretary or visit their website www.environmental.org.uk

Productronica Exhibition, Munich, Germany

19 Nov 2007

ETS visited the Productronica Exhibition in Munich where Angelantoni Industries were presenting their new line of Temperature and RH test Chambers 'Discovery'

The Discovery will be available very soon for more information please contact sharon.leake@ets.co.uk.





The new Discovery chamber presented at Productronica Fair

18 Oct 2007

The new Temperature and RH test chamber, called Discovery, will be presented by Angelantoni Industrie at the Productronica Exhibition, taking place in Munich - Germany from November 13 to 16, 2007.

Visitors will be able to see the 226 l model, while the complete line includes standard models ranging from 112 to 1152 l.

Among the new features of Discovery chambers:

  • New KeyKratos Plus control system, including new hardware e a completely updated software
  • New humidifier with a self contained heater
  • Electromagnetic door closers, with choice of opening with keycard (for security) or through a button on the touch screen

ACS people will be available at the stand no. 241 - Hall A2 according to the following schedule:
Mr. Stefano Passerini Tuesday 13 up to Friday 16
Mrs. Daniela Falini Tuesday 13 up to Friday 16
Mr. Paolo Santilli Wednesday 14 afternoon - Friday 16


Productronica Exhibition, Munich, Germany

19 Nov 2007

ETS have renewed their fleet of service vehicles with new volkswagen tranporters. These vechicles are unique to ETS as they have been sign wrapped with the exciting images from our web site. The vechicles will be stocked with the most commonly used spares which will allow our service engineers to repair a greater number of chambers during their initial visit to site. This will aid in reducing the downtime of our clients chambers as well as reducing service costs due to the fact that no return visit is required.





12 Sep 2007

22 - 24 June 2010

For the convenience of our customers we now take all credit cards excluding American Express

Angelantoni Industrie celebrates 75 years of activity

8 Sep 2007

16th September 2007
Angelamtoni Industries headquartres-Massa Martana (Perugia)

Alfreda Burke Soprano, Rodrick Dixon Tenore , Andrea Benelli Piano
Historic Residence of San Pietro sopra le Acque- Massa Martana


TRSVP +39 0758955204 info@angelantoni.it

ACS group presence at the 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition

23 Jul 2007

From 3rd to 7th of September 2007 the 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition will be held at the FIERA MILANO - Exhibition & Convention Centre in Milan, Italy.

The Angelantoni Group will attend the exhibition to promote several activities in this field:

  • Kenosistec and their production of photovoltaic panels based on the technology of cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin film deposition on glass
  • ArchimedeSolar Energy production of receiver tubes for high temperature (550C) thermodynamic sun power stations, realized in collaboration with ENEA (government-funded agency specialized in alternative energies) and other three Italian companies. These tubes will be used in the new energy plant of ENEL (Italy biggest electricity company) located in Sicily (Priolo Gargallo - Siracusa) to produce electricity from solar energy.
  • ACS Environmental Test Division by Angelantoni Industrie will show technical data and pictures of the climatic chamber installed at the ENEA Research Centre of Portici to carry out tests on photovoltaic panels.
  • Angelantoni Industrie will introduce also an innovative photovoltaic module, with concentrating collectors on photovoltaic cells coated by a spectrally-selective film, recently patented and born from the collaboration with the Unversity of Ferrara and Perugia.


Alternative Energy Field - Angelantoni Group

12 Jul 2007

ACS are pleased to announce another significant step forward towards the introduction of Renewable Energies.

Kenosostec part of the Angelantoni group has recently received a strategic order from ARENDI, one of the most innovative Italian companies in the field of alternative energy sources, part of the Marcegaglia Group with revenues exceeding 3 billion euros.

ARENDI shall manufacture a type of photovoltaic panel, which will be less expensive and three to four times more efficient than the current available ones, using cadmium telluride (CdTe) Instead of the usual silicon. This technology (CdTe thin film deposition on glass) is at present used by only two other companies in the world, one in the USA and the other company in Germany.

The contract value exceeds 17 million euros and the complete production line with sputtering machines, lasers, automation and control systems will be delivered by Kenosistec in June 2009.


11 Jul 2007

ACS are able to offer this walk in room now at a very special price.
For further information please contact a Trevor Leake 0870 870 6615


  • TEMPERATURE ACCURACY (in time): ±1°C at steady state
  • TEMPERATURE VARIATION RATE (average values with 100kg steel test load):
    • 2°C/min heating up from -40°C to +20°C
    • 1.7°C/min cooling down in the range +20°C to -40°C
  • HUMIDITY RANGE: from 10% to 98% R.H.
  • HUMIDITY ACCURACY (in time): ±3%....±5% at steady state (and anyway not less than ±1°C on the dew point difference)
  • NOTES:
    • The reference sensor is installed on blow-out of air conditioning unit.
    • The temperature rate is according to IEC60068-3-5 specification.


  • INTERNAL USEFUL DIMENSIONS: mm 2000 x 3000 x 2500 (W x D x H)
  • CHAMBER EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: mm 2300 x 4150 x 2800 (W x D x H)
  • MACHINE UNIT DIMENSIONS: mm 2000 x 1200 x 2100 (W x D x H)


  • CONSTRUCTION: vapor tight prefabricated panels, AISI 304 corrosion resistant stainless steel interior, internal welded stainless steel, light blue plastic coated zincor steel exterior. Thickness: 150 mm. The possible unevenness of the surface planarity due to the welding, doesn't decrease the reliability level, in fact the welding of the walk-in chambers internal coating is absolutely the best warranty for its sealing.
  • THERMAL INSULATION: high density polyurethane foam injection (42 Kg/m³.) and rock-wool.
  • CHAMBER FLOOR CONSTRUCTION: reinforced stainless steel 15/10.
  • DRAINING: a draining system is provided in order to evacuate the condensation water that can be formed particularly during the transition phase (due in particular to the thermal inertia of the chamber metallic parts). This allows to avoid damages to the prefabricated panels due to possible water infiltration and relative frost formation during the cold phases.
  • DOOR: tight and double wing type door, double seal hinges and lock. The door can be opened also by the interior, for safety reasons. Door frame heating system will be provided.
  • DOOR DIMENSIONS: mm 1500 x 1900 H, which allow a half size car to go in.
  • OBSERVATION WINDOWS: n. 1 window will be provided, mm 450 x 450H, complete with an electric heating element on the surface of the glass able to prevent the formation of condensate. The windows will be placed on the door.
  • INTERNAL LIGHT: light by 2 x 60 W lamp. The lamps can be switched from outside.
  • AIR TREATMENT SYSTEM: realized into an air treatment duct positioned on the end wall of the chamber. It has inside the following elements:
    • cooling evaporator
    • heating system
    • thermo-regulated air re-circulation fans
    • dehumidification coil
    • humidification steam inlet duct
    • electronic humidity sensor and PT100 thermal probe
    • The thermo-regulated air flows into the air treatment duct, passing through the above mentioned elements before to enter into the test chamber.
  • COOLING: performed by mechanical cooling based on cascade stage system. The cooling system is realized with two semi-hermetic alternative type compressors by an advanced and high quality design. Main body in special cast iron, easy dismountable cylinders and light metal alloy pistons. Water (+29±3°C) condenser.
    The cooling system is complete with an Automatic Protection of the Compressor by Injection System that protects the compressors during the cooling down from high temperatures. Such system allows a self-regulating cooling of the compressors, in order to avoid temperature exceeding +30°C (no damages to motor winding).
    The compressors have the following advantages:
    • Higher efficiency up to 10%
    • Greater reliability by improved lubrication and lower cylinders temperatures
    • Streamlined body improve gas management, reduce pressure drop, increase efficiency
    • Multi-port suction to provide uniform cylinders cooling for reduction of wear
    • Head mount discharge valve to provide durability minimizing discharge tube pulsation
    • New crankcase ventilation system to significantly reduce oil circulation rate
    • SentronicÔ compatible to provide a reliable lubrication protection system
    • Multiple sight glass locations to improve service ability and design flexibility
    the compressors are protected against:
    • overheating
    • over/under pressure
    • overloading
  • REFRIGERANT: environmental friendly type (Non-CFC), R404A and R23 are used that have not been prohibited by the Montreal convention or considered harmful under the London amendment.
  • HEATING: by electrical heaters, protected by double adjustable fail-safe thermostats that disconnect a magneto-thermal switch with current-launch coil.
  • HUMIDIFICATION: low pressure steam generator heated with armored electrical heaters, complete with pressure switch and safety valve.
  • DEHUMIDIFICATION: by means of smooth tube coil connected to the cooling unit.
  • HUMIDITY CONTROL: electronic humidity sensor is used for the measures in the test chamber. This allows the set and measurement of relative humidity expressed directly in % R.H. The regulation of the humidity is performed by the microprocessor programmer. This allows extremely precise control of the programmed values.
  • INTERNAL VENTILATION: forced air re-circulation realized with high power centrifugal fans in order to achieve a good temperature uniformity. Fans inside the chamber are extremely sturdy, low noise and able to provide continuous and intensive air circulation and equal air distribution even under high temperature and humidity operational conditions.
  • POWER BOARD: complete with door locking, remote control switches, fuses, magneto-thermal switches, motor thermal protections etc.. positioned inside the building.
  • MACHINE GROUP POSITIONING: in a frame placed behind of the chamber, inside the building.
  • CHAMBER WEIGHT: 2800 Kg approx.
  • NOISE OF MACHINE UNIT: 78 dB(A) measured at 1 m from the front of the chamber in a non reverberating ambient.
  • ESTIMATED POWER: 50 KW max, 35 KW average.
  • VOLTAGE: 380/50/3 + N + G (auxiliary controls with 24 VAC for operator's safety).


  • PLC CONTROL SYSTEM: The control system based on PLC is easy to use by means of keyboard and LCD. The PLC is the perfect solution to the extremely speed processes or to automation tasks which require data elaboration.
    The system guarantees:
    • High elaborating performances, huge instructions range
    • Integrated functions, password software protection
    • Very fast instructions elaboration and extremely short cycle time
    • Multipurpose CPU
    The system can be configured with:
    • 512 Kb RAM
    • Up to 1024 digital inputs and outputs
    • Up to 128 analogic inputs and outputs
    • Integrated hardware timer
    • RS232 serial port
  • PC PROGRAMMING AND CONTROLLING SYSTEM: New Software "WINKRATOS" package for P.C. (P.C. not included) is the new generation control and management system running in Windows 2000/NT environment. Powerful and flexible, it offers many innovative features.
    Main features:
    • colour printing on any Windows 2000/NT compatible printer
    • multiple access password levels
    Graphic functions:
    • fully-configurable layout of acquired measures charts
    • display of several charts on the monitor
    • several colours to be chosen at one's choice for the display of different parameters curves
    • enable/disable of chart display and grids
    • real-time update of acquired measures charts
    Acquisition functions:
    • real-time measurement of test parameters by means of graphic cursors
    • max flexibility for cycles to be set
    • storage of occurred events such as alarms, commands, etc
    • ramps or dwells for each test program
    • store of environmental tests on diskette
    • display of environmental tests
    • monitoring of programmed tests
    • print out set and effective values
    • preset alarm conditions
    PC main features:
    • CPU: Intel P4-2.0 or above
    • RAM: 256 MB or above
    • Graphic card
    • HDD: 60 GB or above
    • CD-ROM Driver and USB Driver included
    • 17 inch TFT Monitor
    • Standard printer

This system allows to carry on irradiance tests by means of IR lamps. Main features:

  • IR SPOT FRAME: made of stainless steel and complete with anti-dropping system
  • IR SPOT DIMENSIONS: mm 1100 x 1800 (W x D)
  • IR LAMPS: 28 "Siccatherm" lamps by OSRAM having 375 W/each, AC 200/220V, or equivalents.
  • 32 "Siccatherm" lamps by OSRAM having 250 W/each, AC 200/220V, or equivalents. IR LAMPS FEATURES: radiation in the infrared range, up to 3000 nm (high infrared). The radiation is produced by a special incandescent spiral hardned at high temperature and placed in a hard-glass mushroom shaped provided with reflector.
  • The chamber useful height will be reduced approx 250mm.
  • LIGHTING: OFF, ON splitting into 4 blocks ( 4 zones) by auxiliary contacts.
  • LAMPS LAYOUT: 10 rows 6 tiers at 180mm pitches when view from a plane as shown in the figure below.


  • One window on the door (mm 450 x 450H)
  • Two cable ports (Ø mm 80)
  • Water purifier for humidification water (tap water can be used for humidification)
  • Instruction and Maintenance Manual



10 Jul 2007

ETS now hold in stock WET SOCK if you require this product please contact bill.blake@ets.co.uk or call him on 0870 870 6615

ISO 8568: 2007 "Mechanical shock - Testing machines - Characteristics and performance". I

10 Jul 2007

Chris Peterson, Angelantoni Industries expert on Halt/Hass also works for several international committees, including chairing the IEC Climatics Maintenance Team which is in charge of all climatic testing documents. She is also a committee member ISO vibration.

ACS are pleased to announce that the ISO committees that she guides have just released their fourth standard since Chris became chair.

ISO 8568: 2007 "Mechanical shock - Testing machines - Characteristics and performance". I

ACS & ETS are strongly stand behind international cooperation in the testing world and are pleased that we could have a part in this new standard.

New Challenge 250C Available NOW

26 Jun 2007

ETS have purchased a Challenge 250C to add to our extensive range of hire chambers.

This chamber is also for sale for immediate delivery.

The Flower

5 Jun 2007

The New Environmentally Friendly Chamber form ACS:

  • 20% Reduction of noise levels
  • Reduction of 2000 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • 50% Reduction of enery consumption


Chris Peterson Visits ETS

23 May 2007

Chris Peterson will be visiting the UK in June to speak at the University of Cranfield whilst Chris is here if any of our customers would like her to attend their premises to speak on Halt please contact sharon.leake@ets.co.uk

ETS can now supply WET SOCK

18 May 2007

ETS now hold in stock WET SOCK if you require this product please contact bill.blake@ets.co.uk or call him on 0870 870 6615

Lean Summit 2007

18 May 2007

On the 18th May 2007 Federica Angelantoni from Angelantoni Industries will be taking part in the Lean Summit 2007 This convention is organised every two years and Angelantoni has been selected with five other Italian companies to take part in this convention.

Achieving Failure- Free products 6-8 June 2007

5 May 2007

This structured course of lectures will provide attendees with an introduction to some of the best techniques currently available to achieve reliable products. Detailed procedures for planning and executing the most cost effective programmes in Design Robustness, Accelerated Life Testing and Stress Screening will be presented by experience practitioners. The course will be of particular interest to Design Engineers but also those working in product test, procurement, and manufacture and quality disciplines.

For further information visit www.cranfield.org.uk

Achieving Failure- Free products 6-8 June 2007

5 May 2007

Angelantoni Industrie will attend the Automotive Testing Expo 2007 Europe, taking place in Stuttgart - Germany from 8 to 10 May 2007, at Stand 4006, Halle 4 , where threy will exhibit their "flower"® chamber.

ACS would like to use this very important Fair in Europe to emphasize the new concept of this test chamber, environmentally friend, born to respect the nature sustainability and allowing a 50% of energy consumption : this means to reduce of 2000 tons the CO2 emission and to save 2000 Euro of electricity per year!

Partner companies BIA and TIRA will also attend this exhibition along with ACS representative Paolo Santilli and Daniela Falini, they will be present at the booth for all the duration of the Fair.

This exhibition is now in it's ninth year and is promising to be 'Bigger & Better than ever before' Automotive Testing Expo Europe has become the most important event anywhere in Europe covering the automotive test, evaluation and quality-engineering sector. For 2007, an additional exhibition hall has been added, increasing the floor space by an amazing 25%. This will also enable a further 50 companies to display their very latest technologies and services that are all working toward the reliability, durability, safety and quality of automotive vehicles and components.

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