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Service Engineer required

28 Nov 2006

We require an engineer to carry out repairs to climatic chambers at our customers' sites. Experience of work on climatic chambers is desirable but not essential.

Overtime available. Fully expensed company vehicle.

If you are interested in this position please contact Bill Blake on 01992 899 440.

Electronic Fair Messe Munchen Germany 14th - 17th November

25 Oct 2006

ACS's Environmental Testing Division will be attending the Electronic Fair and presenting the following products:

  • CH500 C 15 ESS "SPEEDY" Stress Screening Chamber
  • UHS300 Ultra High Stress Chamber
  • ANYVIB 1200-5 Vibration Test Chamber

ACS representatives will be available at the stand,for further information please contact us


28 Sep 2006

News Release
28 September 2006

Angelantoni Industrie participated to the Sino-Italian Fair of Small and Medium Enterprises that was held on September 15-18 in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong Province, in conjunction with the upcoming Third China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair (CISMEF).

To boost economic and trade ties between China and Italy, the fair was sponsored by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Ministry of International Trade and the Italian Ministry for Environment and Territory.

CISMEF was the biggest ever trade and economic event jointly organized by Guangdong Province and overseas countries, and is also one of the most important events of the Italian Year in China this year.

BIAS 2006 Exhibition

19 Aug 2006

Angelantoni industrie will be present at the BIAS 2006 Exhibition, taking place in Milan from 20 to 23 September 2006

Where the following chambers will be shown:

  • CH16 T bench chamber
  • CH250 "Flower" the new environmentally friendly chamber
  • CST130 S "flapper" thermal shock chamber
  • UHS300 HAST Ultra high stress test chamber
  • Airtemp Test Technology, Holland
  • ANYIB1200 vibration test chamber


Cleanroom Test Methods Updated

18 Jul 2006

Half Day Seminar - with Table Top Exhibition

Thursday 30th November 2006

The Novotel Hotel Stevenage

This is a half day seminar reviewing current CLEANROOM TEST METHODS. It is directed at engineers and technicians involved in the design or validation of HEPA filtered enclosures and will review 3 current standards that are in the process of change.

Central to these is the long awaited Part 3 of ISO 14644 covering cleanroom testing in a significantly different way to BS 5295. This creates many questions about filter leak testing techniques and measurement,allowable filter holes and potential repair. A knowledge of EN 1822 filter manufacturing tests is now considered essential to the understanding of part 3. New items such as air flow visualisation are also included for the first time.

UK concerns over part 3 have forced BSI to update its test document, PD 6609 with further clarification on installed filter testing. This new release also provides practical guidance on filter selection and specification.

The key engineers behind the PD 6609 decision, Mike Foster,Neil Stephenson and John Neiger will present constructive review and demonstrations to illustrate the solutions to the new standard. Finally Dick Gibbons will outline the visualisation and recovery aspects of part 3 and will alert us to further additions to the 14644 family.

Please follow the link below for date & prices

Fundamentals of Climatic Testing

5 Jul 2006

25th - 27th October 2006
Angelantoni Industrie Spa
Perugia Italy

A 3 day course: Fundamentals of Climatic Testing

Presented by Steve Brenner

Steve has been working in the field of environmental simulation and reliability testing for over 30 years, beginning in the late sixties with reliability and design verification testing on the Lunar Module, the Space Shuttle in the eighties and semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the nineties.

"His knowledge first becomes apparent with an interpretation of test requirements and a unique ability to synthesize test plans and procedures. But more than theoretical knowledge, Steve has performed almost every environmental test I can think of. His communications both written and oral are clear and concise. I can't think of a better expert to teach a course on Climatic Testing" Lawrence M. Cuprys, Director of Engineering, Visual Products Group, Kopin Corporation, Los Gatos, California

For more information please contact Sharon.leake@ets.co.uk

Rack Mounted Thermal Platform

16 Jun 2006

The ESS rack mountable mechanically refrigerated thermal platform (MRTP) represents a totally new approach to thermal testing of small devices. Significant time and expense can be saved when adding temperature cycling to functional testing. A temperature range of -60C to +130C at a ramp rate in excess of 20C/min is achieved by a closed loop cascade refrigeration system and electrical heating; eliminating the need for cryogenic gasses. Another advantage comes from the ability to install the system in a 19" rack containing the functional test instrumentation. For more information and to arrange a demonstration, contact ETS sales on 0870 870 6615. .

Used Chambers

16 Jun 2006

The list of used chambers has now moved to its own dedicated page. The list will be updated on a regular basis and new items will be added from time to time.


17 May 2006

HALT highly accelerated life testing is the fastest way to ensure your products are tested to the highest standards.

ETS are holding a HALT seminar at their premises in Nazeing, Essex.

We are delighted to have Chris Peterson from ACS/C.Hanse Industries Inc., presenting this seminar.
For futher information or to reserve your place please contact sharon.leake@ets.co.uk

ACS & Archaeology

10 May 2006

Archeofestival is the first international manifestation entirely dedicated to Archaeology with the aim to propose such discipline like instrument of cultural increase, acquaintance of the territory and entertainment.

Archeofestival will take place in our region, Perugia - Umbria, from the 10 to 14 May 2006. Angelantoni Industrie participates to Archeofestival in order to introduce ACS chamber applications in the fields of the conservation of cultural assets and preservation of works and assets from the damages caused by the action of time. ACS stand will show the "Global Test System", equipment dedicated to the verification and qualification of the materials used in the restoration activities. Through thermal cycles it is possible to accelerate the aging of the materials in test and to estimate in a short time if the materials will resist to atmospheric agents in the years.

Vincenzo Falchetti, ACS Division Director, will present a speech during the Convention "Archaeology and Environment. Leafing through the earth: traces, signs and points (of view) for the history of man ", describing in details the following Angelantoni projects:

  • the conservation of Ítzi, the ice mummy of Similaun
  • the conservation of the mummies of the Incas children in Argentine
  • the physical alterations of the books studied by the Italian Institute of Pathology of the Book
  • the decontamination of the Ancient Books through the plasma deposition in high vacuum conditions
  • the evaluation of the environmental impact on the works exhibited at the Museum of the Uffizi in Florence
  • the conservation of the Fossil Forest of Dunarobba (Terni - Umbria)


Automotive Testing Expo Exhibition, Stuttgart

17 Mar 2006

Angelantoni Industrie will exhibit the vibration test chamber ANYVIB at the Automotive Testing Expo Exhibition, taking place in Stuttgart from 9 to 11 May 2006.

Our Sales Engineer Mr Stefano Passerini will be available at ACS stand for all the duration of the Fair.

SpacePart - Beijing, China

13 Mar 2006

Angelantoni Industrie will attend the Third International Conference on Particle and Fundamental Physics in Space (SpacePart), to be held, under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, in Beijing, China from April 19 to April 21, 2006.

ERI course scheduled for March 2006

20 Jan 2006

We are glad to inform you that Mr Wayne Tustin will organize one of his famous courses on vibration at Angelantoni's premises in Massa Martana on 22-24 March 2006.

As you probably know Wayne Tustin is one of the foremost teachers and innovators in the field of vibration, bringing years of research and expertise to the eager minds of reliability specialists worldwide. He is the founder of the Equipment Reliability Institute (USA), a specialized engineering school.

The course, titled "Fundamentals of Random Vibration and Shock Testing, HALT, ESS, HASS Measurements, Analysis and Calibration", will be presented by Steve Brenner, who has been working in the field of environmental simulation and reliability testing for over 30 years, beginning in the late sixties with reliability and design verification testing on the Lunar Module, the Space Shuttle in the eighties and semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the nineties. He worked with Grumman Aerospace Corporation in New York, then worked as design verification and reliability engineer for the Air Force, as an Environmental Test Engineer for Lockheed Missiles and Space company, and finally spent 18 years with Kaiser Electronics in San Jose, where he managed the Environmental Test Lab and was involved with the design of hardware intended for severe environments.

You can get the course overview, for whom intended and fee info by clicking here to download a pdf file.

Interested people can register directly from the ERI website.

Steve Kirk joins ETS from Eurotherm

10 Jan 2006

After 5 years working as an Area Sales Engineer, looking after key accounts, OEMs and end users of Eurotherm controllers and data management products, Steve has decided to return to our area of business.

The role of area sales engineer is viewed in Eurotherm Controls as being a critical and most important part of the company's business management and Steve has operated as a successful business manager within his own region, exceeding targets for the last two years.

Prior to joining Eurotherm Steve worked with environmental test chambers for 6 years as an electrical/controls engineer for the UK Agent of Tenney Environmental. That was a job that he loved and he is looking forward to getting back to some proper work leaving behind the spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Steve started his working life in the RAF as an engineer working on the mechanical and electrical aspects of engine and fuels systems on a wide variety of aircraft types, piston, turbo prop, or gas turbine engine and both fixed and rotary winged.

Steve will be responsible for the design and build of electrical control panels for climatic chambers, the retrofit controllers to climatic chambers and Project management chambers from our Italian supplier.

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