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Nepcon2004 Exhibition

4 May 2004

ETS will be exhibiting at this year's Nepcon exhibition which will be held at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton on 26th and 27th May. For tickets to the show or further information, please contact Joe Hurley at ETS or the exhibition website www.nepcon.co.uk

A new concept in Walk-in Chamber design

17 Feb 2004

On the 20th December ETS had our annual external audit for ISO 9001:2008.

Traditionally, any vessel larger than about 6,000 litres falls into the category of a walk-in chamber and off-the-shelf solutions are no longer available; not even the largest chamber manufacturers keep this type of equipment in stock.

Any non-stock item becomes a special build and attracts a one-off design cost as well as all the other costs associated with manufacturing a single piece of equipment rather than a quantity. Quite often, potential customers will want to incorporate their "fantasy wish-list" into a design and before you know it costs have spiralled, the budget is blown and the chamber never gets off the drawing board. This is a pity because the need doesn't necessarily go away and the customer is instead faced with the cost of having to sub-contract the test programme along with all the inconvenience and lack of control that this can mean. As Henry Ford once said "If you need a piece of equipment and don't buy it, you will end up paying for it but not having it".

Italian manufacturer ACS has over 70 years of experience to draw on and as one of the world's largest environmental test chamber suppliers, decided it was time to address the problem of building walk-in chambers without the high costs and the long lead times usually associated with such projects.

The relative cost of standard bench-top and floor-standing chambers has come down over the last decade or so because the larger manufacturers have standardised on a range of sizes and performance capabilities. Now it is possible to specify a walk-in chamber in much the same way. Choose a vessel from a range of standard sizes from 10m3 to 40m3; a range of six plant options to provide conditions from -70°C to +80°C; humidity control from 10% to 98%RH; and any of the standard options such as portholes, viewing windows, remote PC control, etc.

The modular vessel construction comprising vapour tight prefabricated panels with stainless steel interior surfaces and 120mm of insulation allow a number of assembly and take-down operations so it is possible to relocate the chamber or even extend it should the need arise.

The plant unit comprises the single stage or cascade refrigeration packs and the humidification system. The basic units are water-cooled although air-cooled options are available. The air-handling unit fits inside the vessel and houses the heaters, evaporators and powerful fans to re-circulate the conditioned air.

Operation and control is by way of a touch-screen controller / programmer and alongside it sits an emergency STOP push button. One RS232/422 serial communications port is available to connect a remote PC and a suite of operating, programming and data logging software is also available.

This breakthrough in the design and supply of large chambers has been given the generic name WAZZLE and is now available in the UK as a package comprising supply, installation and commissioning from ETS Ltd. It is expected that some 90% of applications requiring a walk-in facility can be satisfied with a WAZZLE chamber in much the same way that a standard bench-top or floor-standing chamber is suitable for the majority of requirements for smaller test volumes.

For further information, please contact Joe Hurley at Environmental & Technical Services Ltd on 0870 870 6615

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