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Home / Feature of the Month: February 2018


Due to wholesale prices of refrigerant increasing dramatically in 2018, ETS are offering an additional leak testing service which will be over and above any current service agreement that may be in place.

Should you be interested in any additional leak tests, please call me on 01992 899440 for further information and quotation.

R404A and R23 Refrigerants are currently our most widely used refrigerants.


Due to the trend to move towards low GWP (Global Warming Potential) customers will at some point be forced to change refrigerants.

ETS have decided to opt for R449A which is a "drop in replacement" for R404A. This refrigerant is recommended by manufacturers of ACS equipment.

The changeover from R404A to R449A should be simple, however there may be some adjustments to the control valves. Once the adjustments are made no further adjustment should be necessary.

R404A will be available until 2020 although production may cease sooner (as was the case with other now redundant refrigerants) creating a shortage within the industry which drove prices even higher.


R23 refrigerant has a very high GWP, It will remain in production, albeit at a higher cost. Currently there is no replacement or drop in available.


R449A and R404A refrigerants are compatible with Polyolester Oil, eliminating the need for multiple oil changes and oil separator replacement during a retrofit.

Multiple oil changes may be necessary in certain cases i.e. compressor burn out.

R23 refrigerant is also compatible with Polyolester Oil.

F-Gas Regulations

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