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Features & Benefits:

  • A unique patent pending inverter design that controls compressor speed and allows for the conversion of compressor power to different working needs.
  • 50% reduction of energy consumption during stabilization process
  • A heat sink applied to increase cooling efficiency
  • 20% less noise than a standard climatic chamber
  • Produced using environmentally friendly materials such as water based paints, no polyurethane in insulation, recyclable/easy disposable packing materials
  • Automatic control system that reduces condenser blower rotating speed according to ambient temperature and cooling power
  • Controller with LCD touch screen panel running KeyKratos software control






Models and technical specifications:

Model FL340C FL600C FL1200C
Useful capacity (ltrs) 336 559 1152
Int. Dimensions (WxDxHmm) 601x810x692 850x740x890 1000x1130x1020
Ext. Dimensions (WxDxHmm)
(height without wheels - decrease of 60mm)
919x1817x1638 1168x1797x2021 1320x2235x2137
Electrical power (kW) 13
(average 4)
(average 7)
(average 8)
Voltage (V) 400
Max. noise
(measured a 1m from the front wall in a non reverberating room)
64dBA 67dBA 69dBA
Max. noise at steady conditions
(with T higher than -55°C and measured a 1m from the front wall in a non reverberating room)
57dBA 61dBA 64dBA
Weight (kg) 900 1130 1330


(Measured at room temperature of 22°C and empty work space)
  • Temperature range: -70°C to + 180°C
  • Relative Humidity range: from +2°C to 94°C for continuous tests according to IEC 60068-3-5, IEC 60068-3-6
  • Temperature Fluctuation: ±0,1°C ±0,3°C
  • Temperature rate of change:
    • Heating = 8°C/min from -70°C to +180°C
      (Measured at the control probe)
    • Cooling = 2°C/min from +180°C to -70°C
      (Without the cold sink device)
    • Cooling = 3.8°C/min from +180°C to -70°C (With the cold sink device)
  • Thermal Load at -55°C: 600W
  • Relative Humidity fluctuation: ±1°C ±3°C


  • Controlled by PLC and KeyKratos Plus touch screen on the door
  • Memory capacity to 1000 cycles with 350 segments (on compact flash)
  • Unlimited real time recording of temperature and humidity versus time (log on compact flash)
  • Recordings in CSV format (comma separated value) for easy export to Excel from easily convertible into graphic format)
  • Messages on scheduled maintenance activities
  • A trend chart for recorded variables with a scale from -100/+200
  • Synoptic graphs for the chamber, humidity, low stage refrigeration and high stage refrigeration

All flower® models include:

  • Gate Keeper electromagnetic door closers
  • Self pivoting wheels
  • 450x450 mm multipane inspection window
  • Self feeding system (town water through chamber embedded softener)
  • No 1 shelf
  • No 1 lateral porthole (dia 80mm)
  • Internal lighting
  • Air condenser
  • RH measurement by psychometric system
  • RS232 interface (or RS485 on request)
  • Ethernet port
  • Digital undertemperature/overtempature switch with independent probe
  • No 1 auxiliary contract (specimens)
  • Connection to UPS

Download Flower® brochure (PDF)



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